Crossing Lists

Lists of my crosses with links to descriptions and parentage diagrams.

  Strategy #1 - Stray from the following strategies whenever it suits me.
  Strategy #2 - Raise a large number of seedlings. Rogue anything that does not appear to be a step forward. I expect that only a few will remain.
  Strategy #3 - Improve Frontenac - Frontenac has been the best vine in my vineyard. Starting from V. riparia doesn't make sense to me. Frontenac is my new 'riparia'. It does have some of the problems of riparia. It has 'good' characters of riparia plus some of the chars that vinifera has donated. It is a good parent. It's offspring do not have the high acid, even if crossed to itself.
  Strategy #4 - Look for a reasonable northern seedless table grape.
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