Chateau Stripmine



Chlorotype - D


Vine Name   Seed Parent Pollen Parent Breeder
  Vineland 64023   Alden Himrod  
  Canadice   Bath Himrod Pool, R.M.; Watson, J.P.; Kimball, K.H.; Einset, J.
  New York 45791   Bath Himrod  
  Hongdan   Campbell Early Himrod  
  Hongisul   Campbell Early Himrod  
  Tamnara   Campbell Early Himrod  
  Kunitachi Himrod 1   Golden Muscat x Mills Himrod  
  GE 8638   Kay Gray Himrod U of MN
  Sovereign Coronation   Lady Patricia Himrod Denby, L.G.
  Aki Seedless   Muscat Bailey A Himrod  
  Simone   Patricia Himrod Denby, L.G.
  Sovereign Gold   Schuyler Himrod  
  Akistu 3   Steuben Himrod  
  Arkansas 1063   US 519- 6 Himrod  
  Cheongsumuhack   Verdelet Himrod  
  Chungsoo   Verdelet Himrod  
  Elmer Swenson 24- 52   V. riparia 'South Haven' Himrod Swenson, E.
  Mac 1   V. riparia Himrod  

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Gervan Himrod Seedless Hybride Reiner Hymrod
New York 15310 Ny 15310 P.D.15-022