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University of Florida


This grouping appears to represent more than one breeder.
Assistance in separating it into individual efforts is requested.

Cross Selection Name Seed Parent Pollen Parent   Color Sex
  Florida 2A-55   Belleview 6 Alden G black H
  Florida 13B-5   V. shuttleworthii 'Haines City' Alden G    
  Florida 13C-12   V. shuttleworthii 'Haines City' Alden      
  Florida 15B-23   Florida W716 Sultanina      
  Florida 21C-31   W382 W382      
  Florida 43-47   V. aestivalis (V. smalliana x OP)      
  Florida 48-1-26 Tampa Florida 43-47 Niagara G black  
  Florida 399            
  Florida 449   V. aestivalis (V. smalliana x OP)      
  Florida 451   V. aestivalis (V. simpsonii x ?)      
  Florida 499   V. simpsonii      
  Florida 1001   Florida 451 Golden Muscat      
  Florida A4-23   Florida 449 W907 G   H
  Florida A4-46 Norris Florida W 987 Lake Emerald G black  
  Florida AA12-3   V. rotundifolia 'Summit' Florida P9-15 G black  
  Florida AD1-115   Florida 43-47 D236   black H
  Florida AN2-36   Florida BD10-51 Lakemont G white  
  Florida AN5-74       G    
  Florida AN5-75   Florida BD10-51 Ruby Cabernet   red  
  Florida B3-83   Florida 1001 Villard Blanc      
  Florida B3-90   Florida 1001 Villard Blanc      
  Florida BD5-67   Florida 43-47 Aurelia      
  Florida BD5-69   Florida 43-47 Aurelia      
  Florida BD5-117   Daytona Stover      
  Florida BD6-47   Florida C5-50 Liberty      
  Florida BD7-33   Florida B3-83 Blanc du Bois   white  
  Florida BD7-75   V. shuttleworthii 'Haines City' A-1105 G    
  Florida BD7-122   Florida E18-63 Lakemont   white  
  Florida BD8-43   Florida 43-47 Aurelia   red  
  Florida BD8-77 Orlando Seedless Florida D4-176 Florida F9-68 G white  
  Florida BD10-51   Florida 43-47 Carolina Blackrose      
  Florida BD12-49   Florida E9-48 A-1105   white  
  Florida BN5-4   V. aestivalis Remaily Seedless   red H
  Florida BN5-101   Florida BN6-47 A-1105   red  
  Florida BN6-47       G    
  Florida BN6-85   Florida DC1-39 Himrod G    
  Florida BN6-101   Florida DC1-39 Lakemont   white  
  Florida BN8-25   Florida E18-63 Lakemont      
  Florida BN8-52   Florida E18-63 Lakemont   white  
  Florida BN12-101   Daytona Lakemont   red  
  Florida Blue Grape   V. gigas   black  
  Florida C5-50   Florida W 1521 Villard Blanc   white  
  Florida CA4-66   Florida W716 Suwannee   red  
  Florida CA4-72   Florida W716 Suwannee   red  
  Florida CA8-15   Villard Blanc Kissimmee   red  
  Florida CA11-17   Florida E18-63 NY 45791   white  
  Florida CB9-23   Florida 43-47 Carolina Blackrose   red  
  Florida CB12-36   Florida W 1521 Aurelia   white  
  Florida CD4-22   Florida B3-83 Suwannee     H
  Florida CD8-116   Florida E18-63 Glenora      
  Florida CD10-46       G    
  Florida CN1-90   Suwannee Verdelet G white  
  Florida Concord   (V. simpsonii X Carman) Concord      
  Florida D4-176   Norris Schuyler   black  
  Florida D6-148   Florida A4-23 Florida A4-23      
  Florida DA3-9 Tamiami Fennell Malaga G    
  Florida DC1-39   Florida W 1521 Aurelia      
  Florida DC1-56   Florida W 1521 Aurelia      
  Florida DN3-43   Florida D8-31 Lakemont   red  
  Florida DN6-68            
  Florida DN7-45   Florida O8-31 Lakemont   white  
  Florida DN7-46   Stover A-1105   white  
  Florida DN8-68   Florida O8-31 Lakemont   white  
  Florida DN12-59   Florida BD5-67 Florida F9-68      
  Florida DN21-83   Florida BD7-75 Orlando Seedless   red  
  Florida E9-48   Norris Blue Lake      
  Florida E11-40   Norris Concord      
  Florida E12-59   Florida 43-47 Concord G    
  Florida E18-63   Florida W1521 Aurelia      
  Florida F4-16 Daytona Florida B3-90 Exotic   red  
  Florida F5-8   Florida C5-50 Exotic   red  
  Florida F8-35   Norris Alden   black  
  Florida F9-68   Florida A4-23 Perlette G white  
  Florida H15-13 Suwannee Florida C5-50 Florida F8-35   white  
  Florida H18-37 Blanc du Bois Florida D6-148 Cardinal   white  
  Florida L4-33 Conquistador Florida E12-59 Florida E11-40 G black  
  Florida L9-10   Florida 21C-31 Florida F5-8   white  
  Florida O8-31            
  Florida P9-15   Z67-7-5 Z67-7-5      
  Florida RN2-21   Stover NC74C039-1   white  
  Florida W381   V. simpsonii 'Pixiola' Golden Muscat      
  Florida W382   V. simpsonii 'Pixiola' Golden Muscat      
  Florida W716   Florida 43-47 Golden Muscat      
  Florida W907   W381 Cardinal      
  Florida W987   Florida 449 Cardinal      
  Florida W1000   Florida 451 Golden Muscat      
  Florida W1001   Florida 451 Golden Muscat      
  Florida W1521   Florida 449 Lake Emerald G    
  Blue Lake Florida 43-47 Caco      
  Lake Emerald V. simpsonii 'Pixiola' Golden Muscat G white  
  Liberty Florida W716 Buffalo   black  
    Mantey V. shuttleworthii OP G    
  Stover Mantey Roucaneuf G white  
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