Chateau Stripmine


Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada


Name Seed Parent Pollen Parent   Color Sex
    Sovereign Aurelius Schuyler Aurore   white  
  Summerland 65 Sovereign Gold Schuyler Himrod   white  
  Summerland 80 Sovereign Rose Bath Pearl of Csaba G rose  
  Summerland 81 Sovereign Rouge       red  
  Summerland 82 Sovereign Ruby          
  Summerland 105 Sovereign Du Nord          
  Summerland 117 Sovereign Princess          
  Summerland 123 Sovereign Tiara Marechal Foch Golden Muscat G    
  Summerland 134 Sovereign Sceptre Marechal Foch Golden Muscat   white  
  Summerland 166 Sovereign Opal Marechal Foch Golden Muscat   white  
  Summerland 180 Sovereign Noir Marechal Foch Silvaner G red  
  Summerland 223 Sovereign Royale Kendalia Marechal Foch   red  
  Summerland 240 Sovereign Emerald          
  Summerland 245 Sovereign Prince          
  Summerland 305 Sovereign Bleu          
  Summerland 347 Sovereign Jewel          
  Summerland 361 Sovereign Coronation Patricia Himrod G    
  Summerland 362 Sovereign Divinity          
  Summerland 364 Sovereign Jade       white  
  Summerland 370 Sovereign Concordia          
  Summerland 375 Sovereign Charter Patricia Himrod G red  
  Summerland 378 Sovereign Jubilee          
  Summerland 390 Sovereign Sunglo          
  Summerland 433         white  
  Summerland 494         white  
  Summerland 495 Skookum Seedless Golden Muscat x Sebeca Romulus   white  
  Summerland 497         white  
  Summerland 535 Sooke Seedless V 37022 Romulus      
  Summerland 537         white  
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