Chateau Stripmine


Ramming, David W.
Horticultural Field Station USDA/ARS
Fresno, California


Name Seed Parent Pollen Parent   Color Sex
    Autumn Seedless Calmeria (Muscat of Alexandria x Sultanina)   Blanc  
  Crimson Seedless Fresno C 33-199 Emperor   Rouge H
  Fresno C51-63 Vintage Red Ramming C 66-144 Crimson Seedless   Rouge  
  Fresno C 49-38         Noir H
  Fresno C 50-171         Noir  
  Fresno C 59-179            
  Ramming A 85-40 Valley Pearl       Blanc  
  Ramming B 40- 97         Blanc H
Ramming, David W.; McKenry, Michael      
    McKenry RS-3 Ramsey Schwarzmann      
    McKenry RS-9 Ramsey Schwarzmann      
Ramming, David W.; Tarailo, Ronald      
  Autumn Royal Seedless Autumn Black Fresno C 74-1   Noir  
    Scarlet Royal C 33-30 C 51-63   Rouge  
    Selma Pete C66 DOVine   Blanc  
  Scarlet Sweet California 33- 30 California 103-41   Rouge  
  Melissa Crimson Seedless Fresno B 40-208   Blanc  
  Princess Crimson Seedless Fresno B 40-208   Blanc  
  Summer Muscat Fresno A 4-162 Fresno P 100-111   Blanc  
  Diamond Muscat Fresno A 13-2 Fresno B 2-11   Blanc  
  Fantasy Seedless Fresno B 36-27 Fresno C 78-68   Noir H
    Autumn King Fresno A 61-20 Fresno B 99-131   Blanc  
  Black Emerald Seedless Fresno A 69-190 Fresno C 84-116   Noir  
  Summer Royal Fresno A 69-190 Fresno C 20-149   Noir  
    DOVine P79-101 Fresno Seedless   Blanc  
  Thomcord Sultanina Concord   Noir  
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