Chateau Stripmine


Dearing, Charles
U. S. Department Of Agriculture
North Carolina Agriculture Experiment Station
Willard, North Carolina


Name Seed Parent Pollen Parent   Color Sex
  Burgaw Thomas North Carolina V19 R 7 B2 G Noir  
  Cape Fear Burgaw North Carolina V20 R36 B4   Blanc  
  Dearing Luola Burgaw G Blanc  
  Duplin Stanford (Eden x North Carolina V23 R4 B2   Noir  
  Kilgore Labama     Blanc  
  Morrison Scuppernong Muscadinia rotundifolia 'AF7082'   Blanc  
  New River San Jacinto     Rouge  
  Onslow North Carolina V22 R 5 B4 Burgaw G Noir  
  Orton Latham Burgaw   Gris  
  Pender Latham North Carolina V20 R36 B4   Blanc  
  Stanford San Jacinto     Blanc  
  Tarheel Luola North Carolina V36 R15 B4 G Noir  
  Topsail Latham Burgaw G Blanc  
  Wallace (Scuppernong x Muscadinia) Willard   Blanc  
  Willard Stanford North Carolina V19 R 7 B2   Blanc  
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